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Holiday Harbor has campground and RV park at Shasta Lake in California. Bring the boat, bring the kids, and bring the dog. Call 530-238-2383.

Shasta Lake's 365 miles of shoreline make it unique among California Lakes. Behind 602-foot tall Shasta Dam, three great arms of water stretch up the canyons of the major rivers which feed the lake: the Sacramento, the McCloud and the Pit. A half-dozen lesser arms add to Shasta Lake's complexity. Lake Shasta Water Level. WATER LEVEL. 971.55. Feet MSL. Sunday, February 21, 2021 6:00:00 PM Level is 95.45 feet below full pool of 1,067.00. Preparing lake level There are endless ways to stay entertained on Shasta Lake, but one of the most popular on-the-water activities for visitors of all ages is fishing.. With miles of water, secretive coves and fishing holes, and plenty of remote locations to drop a line, fishing can be an everyday adventure that provides unforgettable memories – and hopefully some huge catches – for everyone in your Shasta Lake brown trout time! Brown trout fishing on Shasta Lake is underway more » Jeff Goodwin: 2-16-2021: Brown Trout on Lake Shasta Well when that water warms up and the more » Kirk Portocarrero: 2-14-2021: Bass on Shasta is heating up! Sunny days are off the hook 20 fish more » Kirk Portocarrero: 2-11-2021: Shasta Lake winter

Den närmaste flygplatsen är Reddings flygplats, 34 km från The Inn at Shasta Lake. Par tycker särskilt mycket om området – de har gett det 9,4 i betyg för parresor. The Inn at Shasta Lake har välkomnat Booking.coms gäster sedan 27 aug 2015.

Shasta Lake, one of the largest lakes in California, is an outdoor paradise of fresh blue water, awe-inspiring caverns, investigative trails, first class fishing, and so much more. After 8 years of construction, the Shasta Dam was completed in 1945, creating an incredible 29,500 acre lake … If you love… Water; Nature; Gorgeous views; And plenty of time with the family; Then you’re going to love Shasta Lake! Found in a quiet corner of northern California, this 30,000-acre vacation destination is the largest reservoir in California.. It features 370 miles of shoreline that connect with secretive coves and miles of on-the-water entertainment.. If you’re a first timer to Shasta Feb 20, 2021 The City of Shasta Lake, known as Central Valley or CV prior to incorporation, is a city in Shasta County, California, United States.It is the closest settlement to Shasta Dam and Shasta Lake reservoir, which are popular tourist destinations. The population was 10,164 at …

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See full list on nationalparkreservations.com Holiday Harbor has campground and RV park at Shasta Lake in California. Bring the boat, bring the kids, and bring the dog. Call 530-238-2383.

Shasta Lake : Localización de Shasta Lake : País Estados Unidos, Estado California, Condado Shasta. Informaciones disponibles : Dirección de correo, 

If you're looking for a beautiful California lake surrounded by mountains where you can enjoy nature and avoid the crowds, go to Lake Shasta. The Northern California lake is second in size only to Lake Tahoe, with 370 miles of shoreline. It holds enough water when full to provide about 5,000 gallons to every person in the United States. Shasta Lake RV Resort & Campground is located 30 minutes north of Redding, California, just off of I-5 on beautiful Lake Shasta. Our campground is family-owned and operated on land leased from the US Forest Service. Whether you’re looking for a place to fish, waterski, wakeboard, swim, relax, play ping pong, make s’mores or just enjoy the Check out our page for more information from Shasta Lake in Shasta Lake, CA. February 2021: Sun: Mon: Tue: Wed: Thu: Fri: Sat: 1: 32: 965.0: 2: 33: 965.5

Beautiful lake with a perfect view of Mount Shasta. We got a little confused and since we'd never been here and GPS was acting weird we ended up the wrong side of the lake for the mountain views. We figured it out pretty quickly and turned around to go to the correct area. It was all closed up for the season on the beach, so no one was around

The Inn at Shasta Lake is a Shasta Lake, CA. hotel and bed and breakfast. Our forested mountainside location leaves you just minutes from all the fun activities Lake Shasta has to offer and our small inn provides you with all of the peaceful and luxurious amenities you need to relax and escape. ShastaLake.com - Casinos near Shasta Lake & Redding, California: COVID-19 info for Shasta Lake (CLICK) U.S. Forest Service - Shasta Lake (530) 440-4554 Photos of Shasta Lake Photos 1 Photos 2 Photos 3 Photos 4 Photos 5 Photos 6 Photos 7 The rugged country, ragged shoreline, and sheer size of Shasta Lake tends to break the lake into different areas, each with its own opportunities, moods, and settings. For more information or help, the Shasta Lake Information Center is in Mountain Gate, telephone (530) 275-1589. Shasta Lake or Shasta Lake City (prior to incorporation it was known as Central Valley or CV) is a city in Shasta County, California, United States. It is the closest settlement to Lake Shasta and the Shasta Dam, which are popular tourist destinations. The population was 10,164 at the 2010 census, up from 9,008 at the 2000 census. Shasta Dam Visitor Center Shasta Dam Visitor Center viewed from the dam Each year visitors come from all over the world to see the "Three Shastas", Mount Shasta, Shasta Lake and Shasta Dam. Mt. Shasta stands a majestic 14,162 feet and is located about 50 miles north of Shasta Dam. Shasta Lake is located in northern California about 10 miles north of Redding, California, USA. Shasta Lake is located right on Interstate 5 (i-5) so it's easy to reach by car. Interstate 5 actually crosses right over Shasta Lake. If you can find i-5 just follow the signs directing you to "Redding". This will get you in the general area of